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Designer and developer Henry Jones launched Theme Trust in August 2010.

There’s not a lot of information about Jones on the interwebs, but we do know that he also runs Web Design Ledger, a design blog. He also started and sold Design Reviver and Card Observer.


Themes are available to buy as part of a buy one, get one free deal. So essentially themes cost $24.50 each.

Theme Trust buy one get one free
The theme seller has an ongoing special deal.

When you buy a theme you will receive an email with a link to download the theme, sign up for support and access theme documentation.

The download link for your theme expires after five attempts.

For this review I bought two themes – Theme Trust’s latest theme Hayden and Gather, an eCommerce theme.


Theme Trust offers 19 themes in five categories – business, eCommerce, magazine, portfolio and responsive. Only 11 of the themes are responsive.

The themes come with features like home page slideshows, page templates, video support and custom widgets, along with button shortcodes, browser compatibility and translation support. Each theme also comes with basic theme options, which allow you to upload a logo and favicon, apply custom CSS, change your theme’s colors and fonts and manage slideshows, posts and footers.

When you buy any Theme Trust theme you get lifetime support. Nice deal. It’s a rare thing in the theme seller world where lifetime doesn’t always mean lifetime, i.e. lifetime for WooThemes is now two years and lifetime for Graph Paper Press means 10 years.


The themes are clean and minimalist and have evolved since the company’s inception from boxy stock-standard designs like Oracle to more modern layouts like Hayden, the theme seller’s most recent theme. Hayden features a flat design and a huge, full-screen header/slider.

It’s great to see a theme seller trying to employ trends like flat design. Theme Trust has an understated and sober aesthetic that underpins its design, and little color is used aside from logos and demo images.

It would be great to see Theme Trust release more themes and increase its collection of 19. When Jones launched the theme company he promised a new theme every month, but that hasn’t been the case. Hayden was released on July 2 and the company’s blog hasn’t been updated since. I can only assume this is because Jones is one man trying to manage everything himself with few employees.

Competitors like WooThemes have worked with third-party designers in an effort to bring in more talent put out more modern themes. It might be something worth exploring for Theme Trust.