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1- It’s true that we switch a VPS OFF if it will affect other users and other VPS Servers on the same node, for an example if a client is DDoSing from a VPS we must shutdown and also Suspend to protect other users and also protect anyone from such an abusive usage

2- If you did not pay your invoice we give 6 days after the invoice due date to give you time to pay and we also send emails daily before the due date and also after the due date, if you did not pay on time we must suspend/terminate the service, however if you have paid an add funds transaction, then it will be added as a credit balance and used to pay your service ONLY if you have added the credit before the invoice generation time, as when paid after the generation you must manually apply the credit yourself.

3- We have 14 days money back guarantee (subject to our policy rules) and if you also have credit with us, you will get it back to your used payment method once you ask (subject to our policy rules)